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    • Nice employees and dr not so much manager 2
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    • Manager rude and not service oriented 2
    • Person that service me the time i went to fix my glasses 1
    • Tried to bait and switch me 1
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I bought the 2 for $78 and ended up paying over $200 in the end and both frames have broken. I would love to get at least one pair fixed

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Eye exam we were quoted $59, it was $79. Picked out glasses 2/$78. The woman was rude, insulting, wouldn't let us ask questions. Said this is what you need,polycoat, insurance on them,there were 5 prices on type of lens, she insisted the $400 ones were what we needed. Total would be over $500, no we just want glasses, she wouldn't discuss the other prices this was it. We walked out went to Walmart got exactly what we wanted,no hassle, no... Read more

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I went to Eyeglass World for an examination, paid the 45.00 for that, then onto the sales floor for the glasses choice, I knew it would cost me a bit more as I needed Safety glasses for work, the total for the Rx came to be 330.00, whoa, that's a ridiculously high price for one pair of RX safety glasses. I don't need two pair...I only need one pair, Anyhow, I took the RX to WALMARTS VISION CENTER and placed my order and paid for them for $... Read more

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I thought I was ordering two pairs of glasses under the 2 for $78.00 deal. I didn't really "love" any of the styles, but for work purposes the pair I picked would work and I got a pair and a spare. Great, what a deal! When I picked them up though, there was only 1 pair, when I asked where the other pair was, they explained that under my insurance would only allow 1 pair. So, I said, I should have ordered them without using insurance? Yes,... Read more

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went to eyeglass world for a few reasons. 1. Optomitrist on site, this went mostly as planned except they would accept my insurance. 2. eyeglasses in about an hour, not for my lenses, had to get some cheap loaner lenses until mine came in (2 weeks) 3. two frames for $78, this is where things went way wrong. I repeated no less than 6 times I wanted 2 pair of glasses plus new lenses for my sunglasses. well they screwed that up and only made... Read more

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I was on vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7-2016 when I lost a lens from my progressive glasses. I rode a taxi from my hotel to eye glass world located at 3819 West Safara Avenue in Las Vegas. I explained my problem and decided to get replacement for distance only. Shaun was my salesman . I had my optician fax my prescription and I returned on June 8 by taxi to have the distance lens placed in my frame. This was done and I returned by taxi... Read more

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On 9/Sept/2015 My wife and I saw a commercial on TV advertising 2 pair of glasses for $78.00 She was having trouble with close up and distance. We looked up the nearest location and found that it was at 20 W. Shaw Ave. Fresno, California 93704. We called the phone Number at (559) 222-0220 to see if we needed an appointment first. The Lady who answered was very friendly. When we arrived, she showed us the frames on several boards. The frames were... Read more

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Buyer beware. Eyeglass world is a rip off. I bought 2 pair of glasses and one of them I couldn't see thru and went back to the place I purchased them from located on US Highway 98 N., in Lakeland, Fl, and I spoke to a rude employee named Tonya she told me I was having a problem focusing. She stated that I had a problem with prescription the doctor gave me and that I should go and see the doctor so he could give me a new prescription without... Read more

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I have been trying to get new glasses foe 3 weeks. First time, picked up glasses, told the guy i could not see distance. He told me to give them a week. Called them that night, after i drove home, and they were to call back. Said something about eyes not changing and 2013. Next day, i went back in there and found out they ordered my 2013 script. Next week, peripherals messed up. This week, still waiting on a "rush" order. Never will we use them... Read more

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SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE. Horrible experience. Rude and unprofessional management. After spending over $300 at this place i am very dissapointed. Contacted corporate and have not even had a call back from DM and it has been a week since experience.

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