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My children were taken by Eyeglass World $249.00 for two eye appointments in Orlando FL, E. Colonial Dr.

A classic bait and switch operation. The add on TV - $38.00 for an eye exam.. $78 for 2 pairs of glasses. When my children arrived they were told contact and glasses for $99.99 but in the end they had a bill for $249.00 before glasses.

SCAM! Stay away from this place. The manager had the nerve to call the police when I went back as a parent to inquire about this...unprofessional GM. Gulf Coast Optometry/Eyeglass World appear to be in this together.

The assoc that rang up the bill asked "was there a problem" $124.50 a piece for an exam.

False advertising!

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Took my nephew to Gulf Coast Optometry in August for his first pair of contact lenses. Everything was fine until he had to insert and remove the contact lens by himself before he could take his trial pair with him.

He had a very difficult time doing this and to make matters worse they put him in a very tiny room connected to the waiting room with the door WIDE open. They also had another teenage girl come in at the same time using a small space next to the sink. He got very embarrased and was not able to get his lens in and out. They would not let him take them home with him.

It is now February and I want him to go back and try again and they want to charge us another $35 office visit. I know that contact lens rx are good for 1 year so I thought we still had time. They DID NOT tell us we had to come back within 90 days. I talked to a manager and I will tell you that he did not care.

He said I am sure you were told, I told him I am sure we were not told and that it should be in writing and he said he didn't have to be. So much for customer service. I would never go back.

Privacy is a problem at this location. :x :x :x


First, Gulf Coast Optometry and Eyeglass World are seperate entities. If you are allowing your children to go by themselves, you need to teach them how to ask about pricing before purchasing.

There are many factors that go into an eye exam. The initial eye exam may be 99 dollars, but a contact lens exam is more complicated and tends to be more expensive. Further, if there were any additional tests, such as retinal photos, there would be additional charges. As far as the optical, I believe the 78 dollar deal is on select frames with standard lenses.

This means, if your child chose a frame that isnt part of the deal, youre going to pay full price. This is all common sense. If you want to protect your money, you should tell the receptionist from the beginning, "I would like the 99 dollar eye exam.

Is this promotion still running?" If she says the exam will be more, walk away. Easy.


Dude, it's EGW.... They are forever and always advertising eye eexams at $38, thats a company thing.

Next thats what the ad on TV showed... So that makes sense. She said once they got there they were told the price for eye exams AS WELL as contact were a flat $99. That is not the price in the add or for the store.

Even if quoted before extra photos or anything. So off the top they are given the wrong price.So lets say $99 x 2 = 198 before any tax if applicable. before frames it was $249. Thats still wrong.

Now I can get you a link to the EGW website that shows the EVERLASTING coupon that says frams and lens $78 for 2 pair.

Also when doing this they make sure you know about the glasses you are to choose from, also they are BOGO all over the store. Im sure there kids were taken advantage of.


Glasses exams and contact exams are not the same price, maybe you should have checked that out before you sent your kids in there. And where the *** were you when they were having their eye exams? Why don't you be a responsible parent and quit your ***.


I just picked up my glasses at Eyeglass World in Spokane Washington this past Saturday. And I have been having trouble ever since focuiong when I go from reading a book to watching tv.

So I took them into our local optometrist and he read the prescription for me and told me that they were a quarter of a diopter off. SO I called Eyeglass World and spoke to the associate who answered the phone and told her my problem. She said that since I had then made under a warranty that has already expired she would have to talk to her boss and see if they could fix the problem. I told her it wasn't my fault that they didn't make them correctly.

She wanted met o come in and get the lenses ordered. I told her I wasn't driving 70 mile round trip for that. She could order them without me being there. SHe finally got back to me and said that she was ordering them today and would call when they came in .

I sure hope they r right this time. Otherwise I will be calling the corporate office and rasing holy heck.