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On 9/Sept/2015 My wife and I saw a commercial on TV advertising 2 pair of glasses for $78.00 She was having trouble with close up and distance. We looked up the nearest location and found that it was at 20 W.

Shaw Ave. Fresno, California 93704. We called the phone Number at (559) 222-0220 to see if we needed an appointment first. The Lady who answered was very friendly.

When we arrived, she showed us the frames on several boards. The frames were very cheap looking and colors and styles very limited. Now as we looked at the other boards for the frames she wanted, the price went up considerably. We picked out the two frames she liked and went back to talk to a so-called specialist.

As we got into the details of what we wanted, and adding in the cost of Transition, Bifocals, and Progressive type of lenses, the price went up to over $400.00 We left to think about it and she had to pick up her prescription from her other doctor. We came back the next day and they used that prescription to make her lenses. We received one pair in 7 days. They were perfect.

The other pair arrived about 10 days later. When she went to put them on, she immediately got a headache. They double checked the prescription and found out that the Right lens was made incorrectly. 10 days later the glasses arrived and my wife went back in to pick them up.

The Bifocal part was incorrectly placed in both sides. Again the glasses were sent back. 15 days later she went back in to get the issue resolved and though the bottom lenses were moved, the glasses weren't right. The Rep and the DR.

were very nice and encouraged her to try and wear them and see if it would work out. She tried for 5 months. They said "if it still doesn't work out bring them back in and they would exchange them and take out the Bottom lenses. We want you to be a satisfied customer." She was never able to get used to them.

On March/29/2016 we both went into the store. It wasn't very busy so we sat down and a tall gentleman asked if he could help us. My wife explained what was going on and this guy refused to exchange them without us having to pay for another set of lenses. She questioned him and he started getting on the defensive her.

He became rude and condescending towards her. To the point of argumentative. This is where I stood up and asked "do you know about Bait and Switch?" He then took and aggressive stance with me, clenching his fists backing up, and puffing out his chest. We were still separated by the counter at this point.

I asked him if I could speak with the Manager. He raised his voice in a very rude and empowering way, "I am the General Manager". His name is Christopher Driver. I asked for his business card.

He reluctantly tossed one at me. Things escalated to the point where he was going to call the police. I called him a liar and a few other choice names and left. I immediately left and called the corporate office.

They were closed, so I left a message. My wife stayed behind and this guy lied about having to charge her again because the 90 days had passed. They printed out her copy of the receipt in which he claimed that it is stated on the receipt that after 90 days there are no exchanges. Nothing on the receipt showed that information.

What didn't he understand? She is not asking for a refund, she wants her bifocals removed and to replace the whole lens with her reading prescription. My wife called his boss and now we are getting some resolve. I never received a call back until 3 days later.

How ever, I already called back the very next day. and spoke to a very nice lady at Corporate Customer Care. A report has been filed as well as disciplinary actions to be taken against this guy. I am also going to file a claim with the BBB.

I have received e-mails from the District Manager Heather Severns. She is trying to resolve this issue because she knows that the reputation is at stake here. I can't say that I blame her. Judging by all of the complaints from all over the US, this is their mode of operand.

It just so happens that this time a customer fought back. My advice, go somewhere else for your glasses.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglass World Customer Care.

Reason of review: General Manager Christopher Driver.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Eyeglass World Cons: General manager christopher driver, Manager rude and not service oriented, Tried to bait and switch me.

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