Des Moines, Iowa

My boss lost my paycheck--they have treated me like *** since I have started- I got wrote up after a month and a half of working there when I havent been trained right and when I ask a question they tell me to figure it out and Im so angry I am trying my hardest -I have no experience in this industry and they expect me to know everything within the first 2 months- this is a complicated science and is not easy to learn if you have no clue as to what your doing--their is no training packet that expains how to ring up certain things that I have no experience with because i have only worked there for so long but yet when I ask for help I am told to figure it out or am told " you have been here for 2 months" I got written up after 1 1/2 months for trying to relate to customers and giving wrong prices but there is no proper training method so what the heck am I suppose to do? They lost my check I am angry and will not take responsibility for it when I think I would know If I got my freakin paycheck!!!

Now Im broke and waiting to hear from payroll expecting to be blamed tomorrow when I go back to work that I lost my paycheck-which is a lie. they have been cutting my hours expecting me to quit but that will not happen because I will not give in and I will get my unemployment benefits- they promised me full time hours when I started and now dropping me to part time- to try and get me to quit- I am not dumb- I will look for another job untill they fire me and will get benefits whether they try to hide what there doing from me or not- I know whats going on!! Keep dropping my hours! I will keep looking for a job where I am treated better!

my mom was a secretary for a lawyer and I know the rules and what i can do---fire me already so I can get *** unemployment benefits already- I deserve better treatment and I have never been treated so *** before by an employer. I will play your game- try me.

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I worked at an Eyeglass World a few years a go. All I can say is you should feel lucky you weren't fired the first time you didn't ring in a $59.00 exam.

Innocent or now, I don't know how you can not ring up something you do on sight.

When I worked at Target they called that 'sweet ringing', I would have fired you after the 2nd time you did that. Honestly I think that location is better off with out you.


Me again. I finally quit because I was tired of being treated horribly my management who wouldnt communicate with me.

I had to walk out. My manager was screaming at me and threatened to fire me if he found out it was me. And I guarantee it wasnt. He didnt even have facts as to it being me that handed out the wrong trial lense.

At 6 months I gave up-when i asked the assistant manager about use of my vacation time usage she told me I had to wait to talk to my manager when he got back from a loss in his family. I waited and posted notes on the board that times I would like to use it and still no response and wasnt given time to talk to about it. There was always an excuse and when he did finally return he still ignored my request and never approved it before I quit. I tried my best at this job and I was not allowed to fix my mistakes in the computer.

When I asked for help they would just say -let me do it and get all mad when I was just asking for help so I could learn. If I would ask for an explanation on how they got a figure I was not explained and they would just get mad again. I had multiple customers come in and comment on how the management would treat me in front of them. Management is suppose to treat their customers and employees with respect and lead by example, not train to be rude and fake.

I will admit to my mistakes, I got written up for forgetting to ring up exams and he was ready to fire me. These mistakes were completely innocent and not intended. I feel sorry for the next person that works at this store because they will rip your confidence into shreds and make you feel like you are not worth anything. I am now happy and will make sure I find a job that the management is respectful to their employees and I am happy I didnt give him the satisfaction to firing me.

This was the Iowa store by the way.

Stay away from them they are rude. I will make sure the people I know that go their never return.