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The advertising they have on the commercial is totally False Advertising 2 pairs for $78 you do not have thousands of frames to choose from you only have 30 frames to choose from, these people need to be stopped !!!

My second pair was crooked, I went back 4 times to get them adjusted, however, the secretary just told me not to fall asleep with them so they wont get bent out of shape, unreal, I take my glasses off prior to going to sleep !!!

Please someone investigate this company, this is wrong, they should be sued for false advertising ! My $70 visit resulted in $357.

Thanks in advance,

Rev. Dr. Annie Mantz

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TCame in purchase glasses 'cause been buying my last 2-glasses from eye glass world. Couple months later changed my mind go back then they tell me that have no insurance.

Ok I can live w/that, but don't just pick up the first set of glasses u see then to charge me $99 dollars just because I wanted different frames due to the ones I had were to thing. Then someone comes in that she recognizes then she really jumps at the chance to help her!!, I just wanted different frames , but with so very little choices for cust. I think I will go somewhere else where ny money speaks loud. Very dissapointed with eyeglasses world after being a loyal cust.

Not very happy. :( :x

@john kenpo

Your grammar and punctuation are so bad you post is hard to read. Just saying.


I had purchase 2-glasses under the $78-advertising. No problem there, I know there's xtra cost such as; progressive lenses, also to get them thin I understand that.

Is just simply absurd that if the cust. Doesn't want insurance then don't get it right!, there should be an ima.for those who just changed their minds to later get insurance even if it is a few months later. I had an asst. Mgr.

Who's name is carmen, but she didn't have time to show me other options but brought me a $99.00 frame because I had asked a different frame for the glasses I had brought because they were to small and I wanted some bigger ones to begin with. Then she tells me to put them on w/o nose pieces on bare metal on my face to see if I look good on them.

Just spend time w/me & help on what I want. Don't be a 1/2ass.


I just walked out of eyeglass world and I would say any good law firm could make money on a class action suit. Where their advertising is false is this; the price of the glasses is solid and they do hold up to that bargain however if you use insurance you are charged differently.

Normally up to 200% more. Thus leaving you paying the same either way.

I think they should be made to advertise that this price is only good for cash paying coustomers. It is definitely misleading.


I work for Eyeglass World, and still do pushing two years now. False advertising is not what we do.

Like any business we do what we can to get people in the door. But the fact is that you CAN purchase 2 pairs of Single vision glasses for 78 dollars. Of course if you wear a multi-focal its going to cost a little more. And we do offer enhancements to the lenses which cost more.

It's up to you if you want to get them, so please don't accuse something without true understanding of the job. We don't live in a perfect world, but I work my hardest to help anyone who comes in that door.


The simple fact is Eyeglass World employees are under tremendous pressure to sell add ons and multiple pairs. This is true of most all chains.

Sales goals are set and tracked by computer for everything imaginable: avg$ sale, 2nd pr%, progessive bifocals, A/R, hi-index, Transitions, etc. Repercussions for not meeting these goals can be severe. So, if you choose to shop in one of these places try not to take it out on the poor slob working the floor. Better yet, check out

I got a complete pair no-line bifocals antireflective hi-index lenses w/ frame and shipping for less than $50. Love them!

By the way, I met an optician named Feddy (comment #9) woking at an Eyeglass World in Brandon, FL. Probably not the same guy...


*** IT! Why did I have to find this after I purchase from there.

*** IT!. I just got stiffed for over $300 too *** IT! All I really wanted was get my Eye Examined, and what the *** looked at the frames, what a Mistake. I think they only read my old glasses anyway.

They never told me of the total cost until after the glasses were ready. Did ask for cost but was only told of single 'lens' not the freakn pair, which I thought was for the pair of lens, NOT SO, so the bill was twice higher then expected. WHAT FREAKN THEIVES. This was in ERIE PA.

I would have never had ordered if was given the actual price. THIEVES.


That's like saying the cost of LENSES aren't included! You must be a new user of glasses.

Lenses are always a seperate cost AND ANY special anywhere, there's not many frames to choose from.

Do you really think they're going to take a loss on $450 Gucci frames? You are such an ***.


It never ceases to amaze me how naive some people can be. When I go to purchase anything, I understand that an advertisement is for a specific product and that anything extra comes with an added cost.

When I went in for my glasses, I understood that the base price would be 2 for $78 and that any "extras" I might want would cost extra. I chose 2 frames from the 2 for $78 collection. If I wanted, I could have received these 2 frames with single vision lenses for $78. I opted for an anti-reflective coating on one pair and polarized sunglasses on the other.

The final bill was for $228 for 2 pair of glasses that had everything on them that I wanted. Listen, I am not a rocket scientist, but this is completely understandable to me. Now, if I can comprehend that extra costs extra....what level of education has the good Rev. Dr.

actually achieved? Do you walk into a restaurant and demand the drinks and desert to be included with your entree's price? Grow up, stop complaining and hiding behind the "cloth". Admit that you made a decision and then had buyers remorse.

In addition....a crooked frame is easy to fix....happens to me all the time...I just go into any optical that I may be near and have them adjusted for free...takes about 2 minutes out of your busy schedule. Frames get bent...get over it....If God truly loves all, but hates would be one of the most despised people in his eyes...due to your sin of not using the most important gift that God could give...YOUR BRAIN!!!


Thank you Scott. It's ridiculous that people think they're going to get EVERYTHING for so cheap. Things cost money and you can choose to NOT get them.


thanks for the heads up i almost went there..i won't be wasting the gas



I have had nothing but good experiences at EyeGlass World. I am also aware that when I want extra coatings and thinner lenses that they will cost me more money.



I don't understand why everyone is having such serious issues with them.

I didn't spend anywhere near $300!

I spent about $140, I also received the extended warranty and I paid $100 for both pairs of glasses. I only just ordered them last Friday (January 23rd, 2010)and I was told that because I got the scratch resistant coating on them they would take approx. 1.5 weeks. I stupidly went to this store without reading the customer service reviews and now I'm kind of afraid they will attempt to screw me over like all of you have been. (I am saying "all of you" because loads of people seem to be having issues with their customer service since the new management took over.)


False accusations I am never looking for a handout!!! The last time I checked I am a female not SIR !!!I should be kicked in the head!!! Wow God loves everyone with an everlasting love but Hates the sin!!! False accusations are one of them! I paid for a pair of glasses that remain crooked and I can never wear!


Rev. Dr. Annie Mantz


you sir are just a person looking for a hand obviously do not have common sence and thought they put every single item in their inventory at $78 and that the deal applied to all sir need to be icked n the head maybe it'll knock sence into you.


I would like to just start off with the advertisments state the sale is 2 pair for $78 and includes SINGLE VISION PLASTIC LENSES. Of corse you are going to pay more if you wear bi-focals or progressive no line bi-focals.

Also states that any and all lense options are additonal. This includes but is not limited to transitions, anti-reflective, poly lenses, and any other add on or upgrade.

If a person has a high Rx they are going to need a material that makes the lenses thinner. Thus making the cost rise due to the cost to the store directly.