Indianapolis, Indiana

I visited the Eyeglass World location on 86th St in Indianapolis, IN on May 10th,2008. At that time, I ordered contacts and glasses.

I took almost a month to get my glasses back and I still don’t have my contacts. The glasses fit me poorly. I have made several calls to the store and was told I needed to speak with Sierra and she would call me back. I am getting extremely upset that they will not return my calls and I cannot get my contacts and feel that the glasses are extremely poor quality.

The people in the store are rude once you have “paid” for your services. They act like I am a nuisance. I paid a lot of money and I am not getting the services and products I have paid for. I also have issues with your promotions.

It says you buy one pair of glasses and get two free. It doesn’t say anywhere that you have to pay for upgrades on the glasses. This is baiting and switching. I will NEVER ever go to another eyeglass world.

I had better get this straightened out soon or I will contact the Attorney General’s office, the Better Business Bureau, and Channel 6.

This is ridiculous!!!!!

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You are right on the money! Eyeglass Worlds' corporate office is in Florida, and to date the Attorney General in Florida has fined Eyeglass World over one Million dollars over several deceptive practices, such as operating w/o licensed opticians, removing expiration dates from contact lenses. They are barely keeping their license to operate in Florida, as it is.


oh god why don't you :cry for me....