Reston, Virginia

I bought a pair of glasses with Transitions lenses here in Mobile on May 6, 2008 -- they were charged to my credit card that very day. I was told it would take approximately 14 days for them to be ready.

I called after a week and after two weeks and they were not ready. After three weeks I was told they were being shipped. A few days later when we went to the store to have an adjustment to the glasses I was wearing, I asked about them again. It was Sunday, and he could not check until Monday, but said he would and would let me know.

I heard nothing Monday or Tuesday. I called him Wednesday, and when I got to talk to him he had not checked. He did then, and called to tell me they were shipped the day before, and would be ready in a day or two. When I got a call saying they were ready, four weeks and two days later, we went in, only to find they had the wrong prescription in them and everything was blurry!

I asked for my money back. He said they don't do that, but gave us a customer service phone number. We called, and when we got a person, we were told the store manager has to okay that. We went back, and found he is the store manager!

A few days later, yesterday, after calling customer service a couple times, we got a call saying we would get a refund in 7 to 10 days! They have had my $312.12 since May 6, and I should have to wait another 7 to 10 days!!!! I have tried to get an explanation, but they will not return phone calls or emails. I have nothing in my hand to show I will get my money back, so in the meantime I do not want to go elsewhere for glasses that I might end up having to get there.

I hate that I ever stepped foot in that store, and I am letting everybody I know know about what kind of company Eyeglass World is.

They do not care about their customers.

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good luck :eek


I to am waiting on a second pair of glasses. I ordered two pairs.

they were sent back to lab because of a scratch on the lens before I even got them. My first pair isn't right. I can't see with them. It's blurry.

The sales person told me to take them home and try them tomorrow. I don't want that second pair they are probly the same as the first, crapy. I still can't focus clearly with them. I do want my money back...

and go somewhere else. guess it will be a fight to get it.