Lakeland, Florida
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Buyer beware. Eyeglass world is a rip off.

I bought 2 pair of glasses and one of them I couldn't see thru and went back to the place I purchased them from located on US Highway 98 N., in Lakeland, Fl, and I spoke to a rude employee named Tonya she told me I was having a problem focusing. She stated that I had a problem with prescription the doctor gave me and that I should go and see the doctor so he could give me a new prescription without even looking at the glasses. I went back to the doctor and he notice that one of the glasses OD was off by 12 degree axis. I went back to her for her to fix the problem and she refuse to fix the problem.

Although it states on my prescription that the axis is suppose to be 100. It was off 12 degrees she stated by law it's ok to be at 90 degrees then stated that my doctor was wrong when he checked them. I paid for the 100 degree axis not 88. Cause in actuality it was off 12 degrees.

Asked her if she was going to fix them she stated no. When you go in there with your money they are all happy campers but when you have a problem they give you their backs. Lesson learn!!! Never would I ever set foot inside of Eyeglass world ever again.

Glad it was only 138.00 dollars that I lost. I feel sorry for the ones that lost more.

I should have read the reviews before I went there it would have save me some money. Save your money and avoid Eyeglass world it would prevent a lot of headaches.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Eyeglass World Cons: Person that service me the time i went to fix my glasses.

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