Savannah, Georgia
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On June 13, 2008 I ordered picked out a frame at Eyeglass World in Savannah, GA & ordered glasses there. I paid $401 with a credit card.

I was told it takes 10 business days for the glasses to come in, & they'd call me. After 12 business days, I called them. I was told they weren't in yet, & it always takes 14 business days. After 20 days, on July 3, I called again.

The employee on the phone was completely baffled and acted as if I had never placed an order there. She then put me on hold for 10-15 minutes at a time while she tried to figure it out. Finally I asked to speak with the manager. She put me on hold for 15 minutes, until I hung up.

I called back & asked to speak with the manager, waited 10 minutes on hold, then hung up & called back. This continued until I got in my car & drove 20 minutes to the store. When I arrived, the manager was there, looking scared. She was shaking & shifty.

She told me she had worked there for 1 week because the previous manager was fired for wrongdoing such as my situation. Finally I was told that the company making the glasses had broken the frames I had selected. She never offered to find another frame like it, never offered any solution at all, & was very surprised when I wanted a refund. She informed me that while their credit card machine can accept payment, it conveniently cannot give refunds.

She must request a refund through "corporate," which takes 3 weeks to process.

Eyeglass World is a complete scam.

Monetary Loss: $401.

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anny, You Suck! The only reason that you keep working for Eyeglass World is that you have No Respect for Yourself!!


anny, you should be fired from EGW!!