Colorado Springs, Colorado

I work in a Walmart Vision Center. Today I worked with a gentleman who had just left an Eyeglass World location.

their quote for a pair of glasses with progressive lenses and a pair of prescription sunglasses was over $1000. When he told the young man helping him that he was going to check at Walmart, the guy lied to him and told him that Walmart is their parent company so the prices would be the same. Walmart is in no way connected to this company.

I was able to sell him two pairs, in very good lenses, polarized, AR coating, etc. for $459.

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actually walmart is a sister store to eye glass world..........


Actually they are owned by the same company at some locations...


The same thing happened to me today! I have worked for WalMart Vision Center for 25 years.

The patient did not believe me, or the other optician that I worked with, that we were not owned by the same company. Lying to patients is no way to run a business.