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I called around looking for the best deal on eye exams. I made an appt. I couldn't find the building I made my appt so I stopped in to Eyeglass World.

They told me I can get an eye exam at $69 and free glasses. I paid for the eye exam and ordered contacts. The rep told me it would take 5-7 business days for the contacts to arrive.

I then asked about the free glasses and the rep told me I didnt hear him correctly. I passed on the glasses and went home.

I called in a week and asked about my ordered and the contacts was not in. I called back a week later and they still didnt arrive.

I called a week later and the contacts still did not arrive. At that time I asked to speak to the manager. The lady told me she was the manager and explained they switched to a new company and everything was on backorder. She said she would talk to the GM and check on my order.

The next day I called back and spoke to the GM who told me it was the first he heard of my situation and the order status was never checked on. He checked the status and told me they would arrive in a couple of days..

Well a couple of days went by and the contacts never came in. The manager gave me a refund. I never got an apology, no offers or anything. I would never deal with another Eyeglass World in the world.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglass World Deal.

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I also had a bad experience at the North Charleston, SC Eyeglass World. I ended up spending over $500 for 2 pair of reading glasses and one pair of prescription sunglasses.

It took 4 visits to get the different prescriptions right, they told me my prescription was wrong, so I paid to have another exam at their store, but the glasses were still wrong when I picked them up.

One big mess and no customer service at all. Would not deal with them again!