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I purchased 2 frames for 129.00 after the add ons the total was 395.98. Really, that should have been my first clue.

It has been a nightmare trying to get the frames adjusted. Come to find out the frames are just to big for my face/head. I have had folk at other optical stores tell me flat out the the frames will never be comfortable. Well, my bad.

But now the polycarbonate lenses have crack at the corners. I purchased a frame more suitable for my face/head in MI and returned to FL for lenses. The optical clerk at the Sam's club was very helpful and looked at the cracked lens in my glasses. She tells me that the lense is too thin and that is why it's cracked.

Now I was under the impression that polycarbs are shatter resistant, why then are they cracked? I never had any help in selecting the correct frames for my face/head or any other assistance. The staff is only interested in up selling and order taking. Do your self a favor and spend a little more money or better yet shop around.

Those deals that sound too good to be true are not good deals. Eye Glass World may end up costing more in time and aggravation than you may be willing to spend.

I intend on going to the store to complain, but I am sure that I will not be able to get satisfaction. I WILL NEVER AGAIN GO TO EYE GLASS WORD TO PURCHASE GLASSES!!!

Monetary Loss: $395.

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people in todays society are so ignorant and just dumb! it clearly says 2 for 78 fopr single vision lens.

that doesnt mean to come in the store pick out the most expensive frames and order every upgrade known to man and when they tell you the price is over $500 paatients say its a scam and say the sales rep was rude and then complain to management never really knowing how much trouble they cause the sales rep who did nothing wrong. dont be ***! you know what the bottom line is and if you want upgrades be prepared to pay for them! and stop being so so ignorant!

my god some of you people are just dumb!

its so fustrating having to try and help customers in retail. they have this sense of entitlement and come in all ignorant and ghetto saying "oh you scam us oh you rude thats not what da sign says" get a grip on your life!


Funny thing, you say shatter resistant, then why are they cracked. "resistant" is the key word.

Consumers also need to realize what they are buying ahead of time. They advertise the two for $78 "with single vision plastic lenses." Do the research and stop trying to be entitled. You are everything that is going wrong with our country! And no I don't work there, but I do work in the optical field.

I have the luxury of telling *** customers to go somewhere else because I own my own store. You would be one of them.