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My journey with Eyeglass world on Fulton started on October 30, 2017. My son had broken his glasses, and lost a lens.

Rather than go to his normal doc, we needed quick glasses so we went to eyeglass world, which was recommended by another optician. They got my son in quick, he needed a new script so he saw Dr. Pon, that was the first joke of this whole horrific adventure. Dr.

Pon wrote the exact same perception for both eyes, very few people have the exact same vision issues in both eyes. My son made it clear that his vision was not clear, but he was in a hurry to get new glasses and being young, he did not fight with the licensed optometrist. After that we were told it would be 10 days before he would get his new glasses. Why no one told him in it would take 10 days, not an hour is beyond me.

At the 10th day we had to call eyeglass world to get an update since we had not heard from anyone yet. After being on hold for 10 minutes, they finally told us that the lab had cancelled the order, but did not tell anyone. (You need to learn to follow up on orders, not wait for the customer to call back angry.) They put a new order in and on November 20th, we called again to find out his glasses were now ready. After 21 days of not being able to see my son was heartbroken when he put on his new glasses and couldn't see!

We spent 20 minutes with the opticians trying to figure out what was wrong. All Laura, who I now know is a manager only had 1 question, did she make the mistake. She didn't remember anything about the glasses but she was sure it wasn't her that made an error, even though she was the optician that assisted my son the day he went in and ordered them. They insisted he had the "wrong type of frames" "wrong type of material for the glasses" "wrong PD" "wrong axis"..

after watching no one be wrong, I asked if the perception was right, being as it is the exact same for both eyes. On a whim, Jerell (I think) asked my son to put the on upside down, and poof, he could see "better" not correctly but better. They asked us to come in the next day to verify his prescription with Dr. Pon.

As it turned out Dr. Pon "didn't want the glasses to be to strong" (my son is nearly blind without his glasses, his strong prescription glasses that he has been wearing since he was 4 years old.) With the NEW prescription at +7, and a +6 my son could see again, but we needed to wait even more. On December 2nd, we called to check on his glasses, which had just come in (again no phone call to the customer). For the 3rd time we went in and met Dan the General Manager, he told my son he was wearing a cool shirt, good band.

No one ever took any responsibility for the issues we had, no one apologized for the issues, or at least recognizing the problem of waiting over 30 days for his glasses to be made. Dan kept himself busy, but never seemed to really be working with any customers, just a lot of small talk.

This is the worst experience with new glasses I have ever had. Eyeglass world did not meet even the smallest of expectations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $191.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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