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Called customer service phone number to get a refund after having multiple pairs of glasses made. They told me they would not refund anything from last year even though they have only made 1 pair that I can see out of.

those glasses fell apart after a month. Started out by telling they could order transitions lenses in a bifocal. paid for those then they told me they could not get them in a lined bifocal? They offered no line bifocal at no extra cost so I tried them.

Could not see out of them and started having bad headaches. After a couple more pairs and no good results they checked my eyes again. Said the prescription was wrong and offered me trifocals instead. Tried numerous times to make them but the lines were too high in right eye.

Got my money back and went to another eyeglass world. After a few tries at making a new pair they finally gave me a pair I could see out of. Although there wasnt enough room to see out of third lens. The frames fell apart and dropped onto concrete breaking a lens I was told was unbreakable.

Another pair fell apart when tightening screw. Remade both and the lines were off on both. If I look in a mirror the left line just below my pupil, the right one is above my pupil on almost every pair they made. Went to a reputable doctor of optometry and they made me a pair that was right.

have spent nearly $200 in gas to travel multiple times to 2 stores to get glasses I could see out of. Plus lost the money I spent to have them made. Seems ridiculous they won't give me a refund. When the last pair fell apart they would not fix them.

All they did was take lenses out of broken pair and put them in the other pairs frames. so now I have one pair in pieces and another with lines so far off I can't see out of them. When asking for a refund they said they couldn't give a refund from a purchase from last year. i guess they'd rather waste my time, gas money and time away from work to make me more pairs that I can't see out of.

I've been very patient with them Which is obvious by the number of times I've been back to the sores to make it right but a person can only take so much before they get mad about not getting what they are promised. My next alternative is to take them to court and file suit against them to get the money back I've wasted.

Eyeglass world is a joke. Will never go back there and will tell anyone who is thinking of going there my experience with them so they don't waste there time and money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $430.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Eyeglass World Pros: Timely delivery.

Eyeglass World Cons: Wrong prescription, Customer service, Cheap frames, Unable to get refund, Cannot get transitions lenses in bifocal.

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