Bowling Green, Ohio

I used to work there, you can call 1-800-584-4150...the voice prompter answers.."thank you for calling Vision Care Holdings.." it will give a dial by name directory if you need one. Call there everyday. This is not a published #. HAHA

Also, the reason people were not getting glasses or contacts recently is because EGW was not paying their bills!!!!! They were not paying vendors for lenses/frames/contacts and they were not being shipped anything! We had to lie to customers and tell them their lenses were on "backorder"...I stopped working there about 4 months ago so this explains everyones complaints.

It is a *** place to work, you can charge the customer whatever price you want, it is sort of like being a used car salesman. There is no such thing as "scratch" or "UV" coating...they charge for it and nothing is applied. Such a joke...stay away!

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The lies continue!


This post is no longer valid!!! Eyeglass World was purchased by National Vision before this post was placed in 2009.

These practices are no longer in place, and should not be considered when looking for a place to purchase glasses/contacts. National Vision has worked very hard to remove these practices, and holds customer service very high in the mission statement and code of excellence.


I paid for glasses in the Savannah location and was rushed thru the process by a sales person that seemed to only want to leave as soon as possible - I have tried and tried to wear the glasses, both pairs that I paid over 300.00 dollars for and both give me headaches not to mention my eyes are constantly trying to focus - I want to know how I go about returning these useless glasses and get my money back - I feel I received cut rate service because it was near close and everyone was rushing to get me out - I will expect a return email to address these concerns -


So glad I found this page because I was about to go there for eye exam and glasses... Thanks for saving me the trouble!


The Original Poster is a ***. Anyone who wanted the corporate number got it simply by asking.

Sales people could *NOT* charge what they wanted, although they *COULD* simply not offer any discounts. There *IS* most definitely a UV coating for CR-39 lenses, and it was applied to every pair that paid for it. (FYI, do not buy UV coating for polycarbonate, mid/high index, transition or polarized lenses. It is inherent in those lenses).

Do *NOT* pay for a scratch coating as you'll get just as much scratch protection by *** on the lenses.

The scratch coating used (at least when I worked there) was total ***. *DO* pay for a scratch warranty (if you want).


Optical retailer National Vision Inc. acquired the Eyeglass World chain from Vision Care Holdings LLC, in early 2009.

New ownership and management do not tolerate any illicit practices by any of our associates or doctors and take immediate action in addressing and eliminating the situation with our zero tolerance policy.

We value our customers and the service that they receive. Please contact our Customer Service department at 800.637.3597 to further address your concerns.

@Eyegl*** World

I just called and left a voice message.


I use to work there as well...and yes, there are too many shady things to list...such as selling expired weekly disposable contacts as yearly conventional lens! One thing that stands out the most was a patient that had a plano RX and the store manager wanted the Doctor to write them a +0.25 RX just so they could sell them glasses!

She told the Doctor "It wont hurt them"! I was so proud of the Doctor when he refused!

He was pretty irate and left there soon after. Stay away from EGW...their only objective is to sell, sell, sell, and they have no regard for the patients.


Their customer service corporate number is


I worked their too and yeah there is too much to explain---Thank you for the number I didnt feel like calling and talking to the management that treated me like *** to get corporates number about my vacation pay that I will inquire and get paid for.


I worked there too....we were told to charge the customer prices based on how they looked....the company was selling expired contact lenses when I worked there and doing other shady stuff...too much to list here