Phoenix, Arizona

I've never been upset enough with a company to feel the need to post a review online, but Eyeglass World has pushed me over that edge.

When I went to Eyeglass World to pick up my glasses, the employee just handed them to me and walked away without even adjusting them to fit my head. I tried them on and instantly knew something was wrong - the edges were all blurry, I couldn't see far away and one of the lenses was warped in the middle. I had to call the employee over (since he ran off without even offering to help me) and told him that the lenses were wrong. He said "you just need to wear them for awhile." So reluctantly I tried them for a few days and not surprisingly, I got really bad eye strain.

I took the glasses back to Eyeglass World and once again I insisted that the lenses were incorrect. The employee took my glasses in the back, "checked" them and rudely declared that the lenses they made matched my prescription, nothing was wrong with them, and that I needed to go back to my eye doc and get my eyes checked again (I've had the same prescription for 10+ years!!). He refused to make me new lenses. This whole time I'm being polite, not raising my voice or being unreasonable or anything - and they are being rude and treating me like dirt.

So I take the glasses to my eye doc and he confirms that the lenses Eyeglass World made do not match my prescription. Back to Eyeglass World I go! When I tell them my doc inspected the lenses and found that they were indeed the wrong prescription and that I wanted my money back, they acted all surprised. They lied to me and would rather play games than fix their mistakes. A reputable store would've gladly made new lenses on the spot when a customer insists the lenses aren't right. At a reputable store they actually check to make sure your glasses fit and adjust them accordingly - at Eyeglass World it's all about getting your money and getting you out the door with no regard to customer satisfaction.

My experience is very similar to what many others across the country have gone through. Stay far, far away from Eyeglass World!

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglass World Customer Care.

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