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So, in 2008, i got a pair of glasses to help with my sight and help me see in school my mother paid extra to have them insured so if they were to break, we wouldnt have to pay a large amount to have new ones made.. a couple months passed and the little nose piece fell off. so while i was in school, my mother went to get my glasses fixed at Eyeglass world where she got them. she claimed to see the woman slip with the screwdriver and hit the lens multiple times. the scratch was so tiny we thought it wouldn't make much of a problem.

however just a few weeks later, the scratch grew until it was a fairly large rough spot, and it bothered me while wearing them. we went back to get them repaired, for free, of course, since it was insured... however when we told them about the issue, they told us we had to pay $50 to have them repaired... my mother was furious, but paid for them nonetheless...

Now, fast forward to today... Once again, the nose piece broke, and i went to get it repaired... i watched the woman as she tried to unscrew it. she also slipped and hit the lens multiple times, before finally calling someone to help her. she was told she was using the wrong tool, before continuing to work on it. after about 15 minutes of waiting, she finally handed them back. i took one look through them and spotted a small scratch, right by the nose piece. i told them that they scratched the lens, and something should be done... they told me to talk to the manager. she said I'm sorry, but you bought them in 08, so your warranty isn't available. we'll replace them for $90

my grandmother was with me and overheard this. she couldn't believe it, although i wasn't surprised since this is exactly what happened a while ago. She fussed at them before we left.

So, it feels like the two situations are too similar to be coincidental... frankly i think they're doing this on purpose so i have to constantly buy more lenses from them...

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Customer is always at fault...........Yep it is the American Corporation of today!


i just bought my son's glasses 57 days ago. the frame broke in 2 places.

the manager told me the glasses are not covered under the warranty and i need to buy new frames. 57 days old. the frames are *** and the manager is a piece of S!@$. only care about money.

57 days old and broke in 2 places. fresno california store.


keep posting this on all of them.....