Pima, Arizona

To try to make a long story short, I went to the eyeglass world in Tucson AZ and that was a big mistake. They doctor messed up my scripts, the techs added falsified notes and claims, and they just totally screwed me.

The miscommunication and misunderstandings created such a conundrum ...it got to the point the they started covering eachothers backs. I made a mistake be joining their 3yr club. My vision has changed a lot over the months, so I had another eye exam done for contacts. After returning and pick up my sample set, I went ahead and put them in at the store.

I told the tech Karla that the contact felt wrong. I saw double foggy vision. Her response was to wear them for 5days and return back. I requested to see the doctor on site, but she refused to even find out if that would be an option.

She also refused to let me have sample drops and a little contact case. I had ask to speak to the manager Reina. After she came out it was obvious that they had talked in the back before coming out. Karla insist on talking for me to the manager.

At that point I said "excuse me. I think I can speak for myself" the manager got cross with me and smirked while I was speaking. I told her I couldn't see well and the whole story, and yet she refused to work with me. Then I said " fine I'll be back when my doctor is in..see you in 5 days" it was unbearable..I had massive headaches, my vision was in and out, my contacts were too big...it was a mess.

I came back on the 4th day. Told the doctor what happened. She said she would write a different script. I left with no sample, and that was the final script.

Plus I found out that she wrote the same brand I had an issue with. I was so confused and hesitant to buy contact I hadn't tried before. After all ..my vision changed and one eye was different than the other plus they were toric. We are talking quite a bit on money for contacts I don't even try.

So I took the script with me and did some price scouting. I can to find out that the written was for their own brand so I couldn't get it at another place. I called later that day to ask a couple questions and voice some concerns. I was not rude, loud, or other wise.

But it was always Karla or Reina that would take the call, even after I would request to a non bias party not to put them on, but they would hop on any chance they got. Reina lashed out at me for asking too many questions then fired me as a client, plus she said she was going to fax my file to all over the chain. I don't know why. I did nothing wrong.

I told her that invested a lot of money and maxed out my Care Credit at their store. They know I was going to pay cash,but still..so after I told her that she went ahead and said that I was a waste on their time and I was no longer welcome, plus she forbid anyone to answer any questions about my care. I was in tears...a friendly place near buy felt awful about the whole thing and said to come on in. They took great care of me.

The doctor there did an all new exam. She stated that eyeglass world messed up which eye was the weak one. So I had wore contacts way too strong on both eyes causing strain. She fixed the issue.

So I guess the whole ordeal was a blessing. But I am still upset that the manager forbid to allow anyone to give me info from my now former chart, plus the fact she wanted to blackball me seems a little on the personal side. Karla and Reina made it very obvious they were on a power trip. Oh well.

Oh yeah one more thing...Reina forged the doctors signature right in front of me on a paper that had my eyeglass numbers, plus the first time I ever got fit for contacts (before my vision changed again) Karla right in front of me mixed up my contacts (one eye being different) then looked confused and she looked like she was guessing which one went in which eye. I guess that was the being of the mess ups..

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I think I know which one your talking about. If it's the one off Oracle, I've been there!

Omg talk about unprofessional! My glasses were put together so sloppy. The next day my lens randomly popped out. They didn't even fix it right.

The one tech gave me a hard time about it.

They should get shut down! :(


Thanks for heads up guys your Post has saved me from

Making same mistake. I'm sure y'all have helped more people then you know.

So so glad I did research. God bless you for caring enough to let Public know