Evergreen, Colorado
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I called the main office and they in turn called thier office in Albequerque. The general manager their said she'd talk to the office manger a guy and call me back the next day to tell me what the shipping problem was. The main office previously had told me that

a new pair would be made and shipped overnight the next day.

I called the next morning and after a couple conversations found out a package was shipped and would arrive the next day. I did get it the following day but it was in the original box which had the wrong postage and had been returned to Eyeglass World. Every person i had talked to told me a different story.

it was kinda like being in second grade again where we all sat in a circle and the teacher told one of us some and to spread it around.

Back at the end no fact coincided with the beginning TRUTH.

Cindy my sales person called a week or so later luckily i was not near the phone. I'll never do business there again. Shrug

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I will never go to eyeglass world ever again. I will go blind first, or make my own glasses so I dont have to deal with stores like this. Read all reviews, they are all terrible.