Hinesville, Georgia

we grove 45 miles to pickup new glasses just to find out they were make wrong and have to drive back home and have to drive backin 7to 10 days to pick them when they were to be done the first time this is un fare thanks a whole lot for nothing we cant afford to travel anyway. chrislene taylor this store was at savannah ga. i think we shoud be given a discount for the time and loss of gas yesterday this should not have happened they should have been the first time please replay back on this message

Monetary Loss: $400.

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You could have had them mail your glasses to you. They offer to do that. The stores here in Grandville, MI give amazing customer service.


Dear Lord, if you conduct your life the way you conduct your communication skills, shame on you! Did it ever occur to CALL THEM to confirm that your glasses were there, before you blindly drove all that way?

I would never trust any business to have things totally in order under their own steam. I won't even go to a doctor for a follow up visit unless I call first to be CERTAIN the lab or test results are there. My time is valuable, isn't yours? You can't expect others to "reimburse" you, or give you a discount for your own neglectfulness.


Take some classes in reading and writing at night school. You are probably stone broke so of course it will be free for you, courtesy of us gainfully employed.

@People are so incredibly STUPI

@ People are incredibly ***...you know what? There really is no need to act like a ***.

Who the *** do you think you are. Granted maybe mad takes were made, but gives you the right to treat another human that way?!

SHAME ON YOU! Maybe You should take classes on being Tactful!


Jesus learn how to type and spell. That was painful to read. You must have a 2nd grade education.


My experience was awesome. The usually tedious process of getting new glasses was informative and enjoyable. Thank you to the staff at Eyeglass World in Palm Beach Gardens 8)