North Augusta, South Carolina

I arrived at Eyeglass World at 10:45 am for an eye exam and to purchase new glasses. When I picked out my frames and paid of everything the lady told me it would be the next day after 1 pm before I could pick up the new glasses.

I arrived at the store at 1:30 to pick up my new glasses and only one pair was ready because the lady said the tech put the lens in the machine the wrong way and it was messed up. I had paid for transition lens to be put in the pair I was able to pick up and when I went outside the store "on a very sunny day" nothing happened the lens, they were still clear!

I had to come back to pick them up later so they could fix them and I insisted that the other pair be ready so I would not have to make another trip to the store. I came back at 4 pm and both pair were "ready" except the the second pair that were made incorrectly had a bad scratch on one lens and of course, they have to be redone!

The vision for the pair I took home was still a little blurred and was told I needed to were them and get use to them. I accidentally put my glasses on upside down and guess what! the vision was very clear...should I wear them that way?

Very disappointed in the service and I still have to make at least 2 more trips back to the store to get them to redone the first pair.

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