Royal Palm Beach, Florida
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So I went to get my eyes examined because my eye vision changed from my previous glasses prescription. So I went to eyeglass world and everything and everyone was so great!

They were so nice and everything. But when I was getting my eyes checked, I noticed how when they were asking me to read the smallest letters and all that information, and when I was looking through the machinery so they could find my prescription, I hadn't yet found the right pair of lenses that matched my horrible eye sight, but yet they said the exam was done and they had everything they needed. But when I got my glasses, and wore them, and looked through them, I knew these weren't the right prescription. Things were still blurry, and some lady took my glasses and tightened the sides of the frame and now my glasses are lopsided.

But then I remembered that they dilated my eyes, so I thought, oh maybe that's why things are still blurry, but no they gave me the WRONG prescription and so basically my dad wasted his time and money on the wrong glasses for me. :/ and now I don't have glasses for school.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Eyeglass World Cons: Gave me the wrong prescription.

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