Phoenix, Arizona

Got on line to find a eyeglass store that could make apair of eyeglasses in a coupel of days. Eyeglass world had on their website that they could do it in a hour and that the price of the eye exam was included in the purchase.

So I drove the extra miles to get it done while passing three other eyeglass stores that I noticed. I had my eyes examined and they charged me for that seperate. Now I select my eyeglasss and did all the necessary things to finalize the purchase and I aske the attendant can I pick these up tomorrow and she oh no these won't be done for another 7 to 10 days. Now I really upset but thats what all the rest of the eye glass stores say up front.

Now I go home thinking maybe I made a mistake in what I read on the website and sure enouph it said one hour. Now I am thinking that I will print this out before I go a and pick up my glasses after the seven days. I call up after 10 days and ask if my glasses were ready and the lady said that they were double checking to make sure the order was right but to come down and pick them whenever I wanted. so I go to the website and print out what I read.

When I went to the website I find that the website had been changed and did not read what I read in the beginning. Now I am really pissed. I go to pick them and to tell them about the website and they just ignored it by saying yea we change it from time to time. Ok now I am really pissed but what am I going to do "I need glasses.

I got try on the glasses and find that I can't see out of them and that they forgot to put the prism in and that I would have to wait another 7 days to get my glasses.

so now I have to wait 14 days for glasses that I thought I could get in an hour and have to pay for the exam. That sucks

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Hey Anonymous why don't you cry me a river.


It is always the customers fault.


I had the worst expirence in the Eyeglass world in Des Moines, Iowa. I went the store because I had a eye infection and need glasses right away. I worked with a lady who tryed to sell me everything under the sun. When I explained to her that I couldn't afford of these extra things, I just needed something now. The women got up and walke away from me an starting looking for other customers to help. Another lady came over and tryed to help me. But I then found out my prescript was to high to get them right away. I wish the other lady would have told me this before she wasted two hours of my time.

Although their are some people that are very nice, I will never go back again.

Blind in Des Moines.


Maybe you should stress up front delivery time is an issue? Just asking. Noticed its been over a year with no comments.